In less than two weeks, Australia will find out if The Bachelor can live up to the expectations of the 22 ladies who are eager to meet him.

Like Richie Strahan, each bachelorette hopes to find love on The Bachelor Season 4. Their respective experiences of heartbreak led them to the popular reality dating show. Hence, Richie might have big shoes to fill as each lady is specific about the type of man she wants. Based on the bios of the 22 ladies, Richie already has an advantage given his physical attributes. Aimee from Victoria likely summed up the ideal man that everyone was looking for.

“Honest, kind, caring, tall, dedicated, a hard worker and, most importantly, a man,” she revealed. Yet others were more specific as to what they wanted. For instance, Georgia from Victoria revealed that a guy who puts sugar in his coffee would certainly put her off. Thus, should she and Richie hit it off, his coffee habits would come into question.

Then again, Richie would likely need to work overtime in case another Victorian beauty captures his heart. He has to have enough money in his pocket for their dates, Mail Online noted. As it turns out, Laura had the sad experience of footing her own expensive meal while on a date with a hairy guy.

However, the blonde hopeful from Western Australia might have the advantage over the other ladies. Early on, sources pinpointed Megan as the likely perfect girl for Richie. Their chemistry was certainly obvious during their first encounter. Moreover, the bachelor was the first to point out their similarities.

Two of the hopefuls, Natalie and Mia, expressed their desire to start a family as soon as they meet Mr. Right. Is Richie ready to take it to the next level?

The Bachelor Australia premieres on July 27.