The Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan has dumped Kiera Maguire just minutes after she said they really have a connection.

Strahan did not even wait for the rose ceremony to make a decision of sending Keira home. The hunk bachelor decided not to give her a rose following their solo date.

At first, the bachelor invited Kiera for a yoga date. The 30-year-old account manager obviously pushed too many buttons on Strahan when she kept on correcting him about proper yoga posing. Strahan made a smoothie before he dropped the bomb on Kiera. Strahan told her that he does not feel like there is a future for them and then kicked her out of the mansion.

Keira was quickly dubbed as the Bachelor 2016 Australia villain for repeatedly targeting her fellow contestants. At some point, she called them “peasants”. She was called ‘poor man’s Lara Bingle’ on social media because of her attitude towards other women in the mansion. Strahan earlier defended her, saying Keira is just outspoken. He stressed it is not a villainous trait but rather a very bold characteristic. However, it seems that this time, Strahan already lost his patience with Kiera.

In the car, Keira made her narcissist monologue, saying she is too good for finding love in such situation. “I do not give a f**k about those b**ches. I’m so glad to get out of there. They’re all nasty pieces of work — I can’t even deal. I hope Richie gets to know these girls properly before he makes his decision. If I was a guy I wouldn’t date half of those girls,” she said.

At the cocktail party, the remaining 11 contestants were shocked when host Osher Gunsberg told them that Keira has been eliminated. All of them then received a rose and were told that Strahan decided not to eliminate another contestant this week.

Meanwhile, Keira has a woman in mind that she thinks Strahan will choose in the final rose ceremony. cited the Fitzy and Wippa show interview with Kiera where she said Olena is an amazing woman who could be perfect for Strahan.

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The Bachelor 2016 Australia returns on Wednesday at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten.