The Bachelor 2016 Australia is on and the turn of events is getting more intense. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes?

The reality show highlights a man on his journey to find true love. There will be dozens of contestants who will try to win his heart.

The television series only shows the highlights of the whole process. What about when the bachelor and the contestants are off the cameras?

A source under the codename Sapphire opened up about the real situation of the contestants on Mama Mia. According to the insider, it is sort of an ordinary life. Let us take a look.

The diet

Fortunately, there is no food shortage in the luxurious mansion. The ladies can eat whatever they like such as chocolate chips and snacks.

However, they have to cook their own food or make their own shopping list. Even the bachelor Richie Strahan does the same thing. Sometimes, they cook in groups but those who wish to make their own snack have the freedom to do so.

The living room

The girls do not have to clean the house, especially the living room. The series appoints cleaners for the job.

“There are cleaners, I mean, the house does have to be television ready at all times. You can’t expect them to be cleaning every room to a television standard all the time,” Sapphire reveals.

The contestant’s bedrooms

When you notice it, The Bachelor 2016 Australia never shows the ladies’ bedroom. Sapphire said that it is because they are not so comfortable. The mansion may be fancy, but the girls only sleep in dodgy bunk beds.

The house events

The whole team spends hours just to film one cocktail party. As for the Bachelor, the shooting is longer. The insider revealed that the bachelor works round the clock with only a few hours’ sleep.

The lucky man or woman does not have a day off either. In case they have free time, they do voice props and other stuff that is related to the show.

Meanwhile, the contestants only shoot once or twice a week. What are they doing during their free time?

The social media/tech activities

This might be the most shocking truth because they are not allowed to use mobile devices throughout the contest. There are also no televisions or Internet and “no Netflix” to binge watch on. The contestants spend much of their time at the gym to stave off boredom.

There you have it! It looks like being a star or a contestant in the reality show is harder than it seems. Meanwhile, catch the latest happening on The Bachelor 2016 Australia on their official Facebook page.