The Bachelor 2016 Australia former contestants are now enjoying the limelight more than they have when they were still at the mansion.

The most recent contestants who grabbed headlines are Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon. The two posed seductively for cameras in several occasions and shared their photos on social media.

The blonde beauties were recently photographed topless and just wearing skimpy undies. The photo showed the two leaning on a bowl and sharing a strand of spaghetti. They were trying to recreate the iconic scene in Lady and the Tramp. Megan captioned the photo on Instagram: “The spaghetti was fairly good tonight.”

Megan and Tiffany were also seen topless in another photo while hiding behind rocks and sharing a good laugh.

Many are now speculating that their main reason for joining the reality show is not to win Richie Strahan’s heart but rather to be famous. Megan recently left the Bachelor mansion after telling Strahan that she can’t fall in love in a competitive environment such as the Bachelor.

This is not the first time the 27-year-old health promotions officer shared a photo or video of her showing her almost nude body. Earlier this month, she shared a Snapchat of her nude swim at a secluded beach.

Seeking fame could be contagious. The Daily Telegraph noted that the bachelorettes were not the only ones who enjoyed the fame after joining the show. The Bachelor 2015 Australia star Sam Wood kicked off his fitness business after the show finale. Season 1 star Tim Robards launched his company, The Robards Method, after the show’s filming.  Strahan, on the other hand, is reportedly set to launch designer clothes for Aussie’s Ditch Workwear.

Currently, there are only seven remaining contestants who are vying for Stahan’s heart at the Bachelor Australia.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Channel Ten.