Richie Strahan has revealed more secrets about The Bachelor 2016 Australia, which will undoubtedly pump up the anticipation for its premiere.

It is only a matter of time before the start of The Bachelor 2016 Australia. The build up to the first episode certainly raised excitement among fans. The wait is almost over. The pressure is on as all eyes will be on Richie for his debut as the bachelor. However, viewers will likely put each lady under a microscope to single out the perfect girl who caught Richie’s heart.

A must-see on the premiere episode of The Bachelor 2016 Australia is the lady who would receive the white rose from Richie. Similar to the previous season, one lucky lady would have the chance to spend time alone with the bachelor. Previously, Sam gave the white rose to Heather, who hoped to woo him with a superhero-themed date. Unfortunately, the advantage of the white rose failed Heather. Despite their romantic moments, Sam opted to send her home.

This season’s white rose offers a greater advantage to the recipient. The lucky lady has the chance to spend some private time with Richie throughout the season. Moreover, she can opt for this at any time she chooses. This is welcome news to the ladies. The Turret, as the bachelor himself called it, is private. Hence, they would be able to talk freely without interference from others or the cameras. Yet it seems the bachelor has misgivings about the white rose. As it turns out, Richie is unsure if it is good or bad given the big decision he has to make.

“If I let her go on the first episode, it will be done, but she may be around for a while and whether that is a help or a hindrance is yet to be seen,” Richie revealed. No doubt, this year’s white rose would cause a stir among the 22 ladies on The Bachelor 2016 Australia, Mail Online surmised.