The Bachelor 2016 Australia contestant Keira Maguire has hinted that there might be some truth to the rumors about Richie Strahan’s unpleasant hygiene.

In the previous episode of the Channel Ten reality show, Keira nabbed Strahan for some one-on-one time. Keira openly flirted with the bachelor while her fellow contestants looked on in shock at her bold moves. The 29-year-old beauty from New South Wales even leaned on Strahan for a kiss in full view of the other ladies.

Strahan told Kiera that he is always thinking about her. As the pair dance across the lawn, she told Strahan: “You smell good but I can make you smell better.”

Rumors about Strahan body odor are swirling around even more now than when the show began. Recently eliminated contestant Laura Williams refused to confirm the rumor when she was asked about Strahan’s scent. She just simply said: “He smells like Richie.”

There have been reports that some of the contestants regret joining the show because of the unpleasant body odor of Strahan. His unappealing smell is allegedly killing the ladies’ mood for romance. The Bachelor 2016 Australia host Osher Gunsberg has defended the Perth hunk. Gunsberg said he spent six months filming with Strahan through the summer heat. He stressed that the Bachelor 2016 Australiaa star never had an awful smell, not even once. One of the contestants, Meagan Marx, said that Strahan smells nice during the premiere episode.

Meanwhile, Alex cried while Strahan and Keira danced at the lawn. The blonde beauty believes she and Strahan are in an exclusive relationship. Alex just can’t stand seeing her man actually cheating on her.

Sasha was the most recent contestant who got booted out of the competition. Ten more contestants are now vying for Strahan’s heart.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 on Channel Ten.