The Bachelor 2016 Australia has just begun, with Richie Strahan being the lucky man who will try to find true love. The first ones to exit the show were Laura Williams and Mia McKinnon. However, it looks like the evictees are happy to be out.

The challenge about being a contestant of such reality shows is how to genuinely win the heart of the searchers. Forget other motives- money and fame, among others. In the end, the lead will have the power to choose who he or she thinks deserves his or her love. Those who almost won the competition must have felt frustrated, but it looks like it is the other way around for Williams and Mckinnon.

Williams told (via Daily Telegraph) that she has no hard feelings after the eviction. “We just didn’t connect. He seems like a really nice dude. Not everyone’s going to fit the mould — we didn’t have chemistry.”

However, there is another underlying reason why it was okay for Williams to exit the show. Malicious hearsays claim that The Bachelor 2016 Australia lead has an “unpleasant smell.” Previously, there have been existing hearsays about Strahan’s hygiene, which the lady did not confirm nor deny. She just said that Strahan “smells like Richie.”

Furthermore, Daily Telegraph believes that it is the other reason that Williams bowed herself out to the producers. Meanwhile, the eviction of Mckinnon is another case. The woman cried after her eviction, but she later explained that those were tears of joy, realizing that she loves another man. She knows it would hurt him if she continues to join The Bachelor 2016 Australia.

On the other hand, the show’s “villain” Keira Maguire is starting to explode slowly. As per the website, she began to surface as the antagonist by “blowing a full tirade” to Alex Nation.

Who is Maguire and what is her role on the show? According to a previous report, she is a woman who says what she thinks. To check out more about her personality, visit The Bachelor 2016 Australia official website.