Every lady in the mansion of The Bachelor 2016 Australia is vying for star Richie Strahan’s attention, even dressing in a sumo suit, but one of them awkwardly rejected a kiss from him.

Strahan invited Megan Marx on a date. At first, they went on a platform to watch the sunrise. The two were obviously nervous of the unique date location – the platform was hanging from a crane and suspended over the water. Just the same, they spent about 10 minutes talking about love above sharp rocks. Megan admitted that this date was terrifying and out of her comfort zone.

They later moved to a couch at the house where they talked about things they have in common. Then the weirdest thing happened. Strahan gave Megan a rose and when he was about to kiss her, the 27-year-old divorcee offered her cheeks. Afterwards, Megan took a sip from a glass of wine while Strahan laughed to diffuse the tension.

Obviously, she was embarrassed and regretted her action. “Pretty sure Richie leaned in for a kiss and I kind of pulled my face away. I kind of just feel like, “What is wrong with you, Megan?”‘ she said.


Mail Online cited an interview with TV Week, where Megan said she and Strahan could be a perfect match and he feels there is a connection between them.  The beauty from Geraldton, WA was married at the age of 18. She and her high school sweetheart, however, divorced when she was 22.

Megan has been one of the fan favorites since The Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere last week. Even The Bachelorette Australia 2016 star Sam Frost thinks she will win Strahan’s heart.

Meanwhile, Strahan also met the other girls for a roller derby date where they were required to put on sumo suits. The ladies who won the game got to join a street party with Strahan. At the end of the day, three ladies were sent home – Tolyna, Tiffany and Janey.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs every Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.