The Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan has been rumored to become a dad soon as one of the contestants in this year’s competition is allegedly pregnant.

The Bachelor Australia production company, however, immediately denied the report and called it rubbish. Warner Bros. has ruled out the report as complete nonsense. In a statement, the production company said: “Warner Bros. can confirm that there is no truth to this story. There was no positive pregnancy test found at the mansion.”

Sydney Morning Herald cited the latest edition of New Weekly magazine, in which its headline reads: Bachelor Pregnancy Shock! NW magazine claimed a production crew member discovered a positive pregnancy test in the mansion. No one has admitted to owning the test result.

The publication insider also stressed that the test could be a result of pre-Bachelor relationships since some of the ladies were in relationships prior to filming. It was also pointed out that the production crew has access to the mansion. The alleged pregnancy result could be from any of them, too.

The pregnancy rumor came after Strahan made a comment that he would be open to having sex on the first date. He, however, also made it clear in a radio show interview that he did not take his pants off in the set or had sex with any of the contestants.

This is not the only rumor the hunky rope technician is facing. Many of The Bachelor 2016 Australia contestants are allegedly packing their bags because of Strahan’s unpleasant smell.

The show defended the reality star once again. Host Osher Gunsberg said in an interview that he had worked with Strahan through the summer heat for the last six months. Gunsberg stressed that The Bachelor 2016 Australia star never had a bad smell, not even once. Even hopeful Meagan Marx could testify to it. Meagan can be heard telling Strahan that he smells nice during the premiere episode of the show.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on Network Ten.