Has Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan tied the knot with his lady love? The season still has a few episodes to go before Richie hands out the final rose. Seven from the 22 ladies are still in the running to win his heart. However, a likely winner among them seems to stand out even though she volunteered the hints herself.

Nevertheless, Nikki Gogan’s chemistry with Richie is undeniable. Moreover, her claim would seem plausible since the exit of Megan Harris who was a frontrunner for the Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan. Dubbed as the perfect girl, many forecast her victory early. Thus, her exit was devastating not only for audiences but for Richie as well.

Yet it would appear the Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan got over the loss quickly. A new report revealed he is now married to this season’s winner. The ceremony allegedly took place in Bali with a beachside setting. The finale has yet to air. Hence, no one is likely to speak up about it. Moreover, Richie has made himself scarce to avoid chances of spilling details about the wedding.

The wedding rumor followed hints of his engagement by various sources. His rival from the Bachelorette Michael Turnbull and former contestants Megan and Georgia Tripos apparently knew about it. Thus, the comment of Megan to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I would say no [to meeting up with Richie]. I am sure his girlfriend or fiancée, who knows, would not be happy with that,” Mail Online quoted an excerpt of her interview with SMH.

Although expected, the turn of events certainly picked up the pace. By contrast, previous bachelors and bachelorettes waited a little longer before taking the plunge. Case in point is Sam Wood’s proposal, which came six months after his season ended.

Did Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan marry the winner already?