The Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan has lost another fan favorite in the competition – Megan Marx.

The blonde beauty turned down a rose from Strahan and then exited the reality show Wednesday night, which left the bachelor shocked and devastated. Megan described her stay in competition as “super weird.”

“I don’t know if Richie was the right guy for me … I got along with Ritchie really well. We had great banter. But for me, it was more the environment of the show that wasn’t very conducive to love,” Megan told Daily Telegraph.

She, however, stressed that she did not regret appearing in the Bachelor 2016 Australia. However, Megan shrugged off the possibility of meeting Strahan outside the mansion. She said Strahan’s girlfriend would certainly not like it.

Many predicted that Megan will win Strahan’s heart. Even Bachelorette Australia 2016 star Sam Frost thought so. Obviously this will not happen unless Megan will come back. The health promo officer from West Australia is the second contestant this season who voluntarily left the mansion. Vintea Carlos was the first one to quit the show.  She decided to leave the mansion before the first rose ceremony was even finished.

Now, fans are asking –  is there something wrong with Strahan that made these women decide to quit than fight for his love?

The Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan has been rumored to have hygiene issues. The buzz continues swirling even though both Megan and host Chris Harrison dismissed the reports. In one episode, Kiera Maguire even hinted at Strahan’s scent. She told the Perth hunk during a dance at the mansion lawn that he smells nice but she can make him smell even better. Former contestant Laura Williams also refused to confirm the rumor when asked about it.

In addition, not all of the contestants signed up just to find love. The ladies were allegedly paid $90 for each day they compete for Strahan’s attention.

Meanwhile, Strahan sent Georgia home without a rose Wednesday night. The 24-year-old artist from Melbourne was previously rumored to have once worked as a stripper before joining the reality show.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia Richie Strahan will return to dating the remaining 12 ladies on Thursday at 7:30 on Channel Ten.