As the Bachelor 2016 Australia finale is fast approaching, speculations on who will make it to the top four are now emerging.

Of the remaining seven contestants, these four women are the top favorites to enter the final four.


She has been the frontrunner since the beginning. Many believe that she will win the final rose.

Nikki got the first solo date and first kiss from the Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan. When Strahan was devastated because of Megan’s sudden exit, he pulled Nikki away and confessed to her that he can’t lose her, too.


She has been one of the favorites since the Bachelor 2016 Australia premiere. She received the white rose during the first cocktail party and also spent numerous times alone with Strahan.

Alex also recently had a steamy chocolate bath with the hunk bachelor. The two rubbed chocolate all over each other first before stepping into a bathtub filled with liquid chocolate. They hugged and kissed while covered by chocolate. Richie then gave Alex a rose.

However, Alex broke down in several occasions recently when Strahan was having a good time with another woman. She has been struggling coping with Strahan dating other women, which is odd if he does not considering it is the show’s format.


She is quiet and shy but her chemistry with Strahan is off the charts. Olena and the rope technician finally shared a kiss on a single date where she also admitted her feelings for him.



She was underestimated by her fellow contestants until the recent group date. This week, Strahan made an unprecedented move on Faith. He talked about their future together. According to Sydney Morning Herald, this is something that Strahan never did with any other ladies in the mansion.

Definitely, Faith is a force to be reckoned with in the coming days.

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Meanwhile, Sarah got evicted on Thursday.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on Network Ten.