“The Americans” Season 4 finale spoilers revealed Philip and Elizabeth racing against the FBI as they tried to uncover a dangerous package.

According to Breathe Cast, the final episode for “The Americans” Season 4 was entitled “Persona Non Grata” with an explosive goal of shocking the audience.

The aim was to unleash an explosive finale for the fourth season of the American series.

Based on the released trailer, the FBI cornered William and brought him to custody for an interrogation.

The lead characters Elizabeth and Philip who are KGB officers visited and reminded them of the threat in their lives.

They also said that their jobs won’t last long time because of its dangerous nature. Moreover, their lives were always in peril.

These lines by the two characters paved the way for the rumor that they might be forced to leave “The Americans.”

Cater Matt reported the line “The job wasn’t meant to be forever”, thus giving hints regarding their leaving.   

Aside from these lead characters, rumors of a feature on Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell’s characters going home are circulating. There are no further information discussing this at the moment.

These events, namely, Philip and Elizabeth leaving and Matthew and Keri going home, might be part of the hollow threat anticipated from the show.

Given the finale episode title itself, it gave a meaning of “person not appreciated” in Latin terms.

Plus, “Persona Non Grata” refers to any foreigner who will be entering a particular country but prohibited by the government.

Perhaps, in the finale, the exact reason of having “Persona Non Grata” as a title might be revealed. This alone will make audience stay tuned for the last episode.

Meanwhile, Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, the show runners, released a statement last week.

They said, “It’s hard to believe that we’re heading into the final stretch of ‘The Americans’ and we’re so grateful to know we’ll be telling the story to its conclusion.”

“The Americans” Season 4 premiered on March 16, 2016, and after less than three months, the well-graded American TV drama will end with only 13 episodes.

The finale episode will be aired this coming June 8, 10pm on FX.