Police arrested an Iranian passport master forger in Thailand known as “The Doctor.”  The police also busted a Thai passport faking syndicate during the operation.

A five-year-old investigation ended in the arrest of an Iranian alleged master forger, Hamid Reza Jafary. Police said that Hamid had learnt his skills from his late father. Reportedly, the so-called master forger skillfully forged travel documents were custom-ordered from the Middle East. These passports are then used by thousands of people fleeing from the conflict zones to Europe and Australia, stated Bangkok Post.

Police found him on Monday when they raided a house in Muang district of Chacoengsao. There was also a foreigner with a Brazilian Passport who introduced himself as Eliseu Moraes with him.

They recovered 173 passports that were already custom-made for his clients. Police also found equipment like stamping machines, watermark blocks, screen printing devices, fake Thai visa stickers, punching, sewing and engraving machines.

Clients placed their order via email together with their photos and their preferred country for citizenship. After the payments were sent to the gang’s account, the documents were then dispatched by private courier services.

The Immigration Bureau Commissioner, Nathathorn Prousoontorn informed The Telegraph that Hamid Jafary was sought out by people looking for bogus travel papers. He has already been living in the country for 25 years and operated his fake passport business for clients across the globe. He used to charge 50,000-80,000 baht (AU$1997.929-AU$3197.338) for each transactions.  Prousoontorn said, “It is the largest passport forgery ring to have been arrested in the country in the past few years.”

Nathathorn further stated, “He produced passports for people from countries including Iran, Syria and Afghanistan who were escaping wars and wanted to enter Europe.”

it is noteworthy that Thailand has a flourishing market of fake passports. Their clients are not only the people fleeing from conflict zones but also the human trafficking gangs and terror groups, stated The Telegraph.  The Paris attacks are the recent example of the danger such fake documents pose to the world community.