Thailand has attracted expats to work, stay for years to explore the country  in the past few decades. However, the authorities have become worried about the surge of expatriates to the country. This reflects in the tightening of entry and visa regulation over the last two years.

The country attracts many professionals like businessmen and teachers. Moreover, it is a paradise for travelers within the South Asian Region. They like to stay in the country for sight-seeing, travelling and sometimes for just hanging out. Some people from high-income countries plan their retirement in Thailand. There are many incidents where these expats marry local women. Expats from Europe, America, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia come and stay in the country.

The number of expatriate staying in Thailand is unknown. Although various databases provide different data, they cannot state the exact number, reported Asian Correspondents.

But of late, there are some cultural and social problems which have changed the whole scenario for expats. There are many reasons and among them is alcohol.  In Thailand alcohol is cheap and abundant. Expat enjoy the freedom but at the same time there is the rise of road accidents involving foreigners. There is also a surge in crime among foreigner. Loop holes in visa system are also a reason that allows expats to stay in the country.

According to Independent, there are a growing number of Europeans and Americans who are living in the country and are homeless. These homeless westerners are facing many legal problems.

Recently, 32 elderly bridge players were arrested in Pattaya, Thailand. Authorities raided a bridge club and arrested 32 foreigners including British, Swedish, Norwegian and Australian citizens. According to reports, Thai Junta  Chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha , after seizing power in 2014, has vowed to eradicate corruption and criminal network irrespective of whether these are foreign or domestic.