An unarmed black man in Texas has been fatally shot by police. The man, allegedly, ripped down a traffic sign and charged at the police officer three times before he was shot.

The black man is identified as Peter Gaines and his family and friends said that he was  celebrating his 37th birthday. Apparently, he was on drugs at the time of the incident, reported A police spokesperson reported that the officer stopped to help Peter Gaines, but he started to charge at him. The officer tried to use a taser gun on him twice, but both failed to restrain him. The police officer then shot Peter and killed him.

One of the victim’s friend Timeko Barber said that he was not violent and was a sweet guy. Barber added that the fact that he was not at all violent  was bringing tears to his eyes.

John Cannon with the Houston Police Department, said, “He could tell the male was very agitated, could see bulging veins in his neck. He was yelling vulgarities and appeared to be on some strong narcotic, possibly PCP.”

A witness Chris Vasquez said, “ the officer was backpedalling, he came off the curb and that’s when he almost lost control and that’s when he came around the car and did the fatal shots.”

Witnesses reported that the officer was upset after the shooting.

According to, Police killed 986 people in America in 2015. The number is more than double the annual number reported by FBI. Half of the victims killed were white. However, surprisingly 40 percent of them were black when only 6 percent of America’s population is black.

Recently, a report by LA police Department stated that one-third of the people shot by police in recent years is mentally ill.  And the LA police were criticised by many for killing mentally ill and homeless people. The percentage of African –American people shot by police was very high considering that only 9 percent of cities population is African-American. Last year 38 people were shot by police and among them, 8 were African-American which was 22 percent of the total number of people shot.