A seven-year-old girl from Texas successfully created a fake note to get out of school, much to her parents’ surprise. Rosabella Dahu was given permission to get on a bus and go home after presenting teachers with the handwritten letter.

The second grader was supposed to attend an after-school programme at Sheldon Elementary school in Houston, Texas.

The note said: “I want Rosabella to go too dus 131 today. To: Ms Reign.”

Her father, Charlie, is so angry now that he has transferred his daughter to another school, right after the incident. The note was written so as to tell teachers that her parents wanted her to take the school bus home.

According to The Inquisitor, the note is clearly written by a young child, whose handwriting is “large and clumsy.” The second grader wrote “bus” with a backward “b.” She also wrote “too” where she should’ve written “to.”

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The excuse note was written on a half-sheet of notebook paper and addressed to a teacher named Ms. Reign. Little miss Dahu from Texas managed to fool her gullible teachers and was able to leave the school unaccompanied.

Her father said that he got a phone call on Monday afternoon from a concerned neighbour. The neighbour told him that his daughter was waiting outside her family home, which was locked.

According to the neighbour, the seven-year-old came to ask his wife to use the restroom. And that is when he figured that there was something wrong, says The Independent.

“You can clearly see she did not even spell the word ‘bus’ right,” said her father.

“How a seven-year-old can trick you, it boggles my mind,” he said.

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Sheldon Elementary school issued a statement, which said that the situation was being investigated. According to a spokesperson, they are reviewing their training procedures.

This to make sure that their after-school grant program staff is well trained in “dismissal procedures.”

“As always, student safety is our top priority,” the spokesperson said.