Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has sure introduced a game changer with the Model 3, starting at approx. $46,000 (US$35,000)

Elon Musk recently unveiled Model 3 in Hawthorne, CA, as noted by The Mac Observer. Closely following the announcement comes in the news that the pre-orders of Model 3 already read out to be 276,000, as reported by BBC.

Tesla already has a cult following of sorts when it comes to luxury electric cars. And now Musk has only proved that he is sticking to the 2006 Tesla master plan, which involved taking the electric car to the mass markets. And with the price starting as low as $46,000 (US$35,000), many would be eager to sign up to get their hands on the new model.

There are many players in the electric car and electric-hybrid car market and speculations are rife that Apple is busy working to enter the electric car market space. With Tesla already having a following of sorts, it will be interesting to see how things proceed when Apple does launch its electric car version, sometime in 2019-2020, as rumoured.

With Model 3 set to go into production in 2017, could we possible have a Tesla Model 3 vs Apple Car situation at hand? If the Apple car does arrive around that time, comparisons are bound to be drawn. And as far and wide as Tesla’s reach and following may be, there is still space for other players in the market to claim.

As noted by the Mac Observer, while Apple will be coming into the picture later, the Model 3 will already be facing competition from GM’s Chevy Bolt. The car is expected to offer similar range and come wearing a similar price tag. But today seems like it belongs to Tesla with all the pre-orders pouring in and the how well the news of Model 3 is being received.

We will be keeping a close eye on the developments, keep watching this space for more.