Car enthusiasts have been raving about Tesla’s newest EV, the Model 3.  However, new reports are starting to surface that CEO Elon Musk and his team might not be able to live up to customers’ expectations.

According to a BGR report, it looks like a Tesla Model 3 production delay could be imminent.  As of writing, Tesla has already received 400,000 pre-orders for the newest release, but the car manufacturing company will reportedly only produce less than 90,000 units this year.

With the seemingly huge disconnect in numbers, Musk was forced to declare that Tesla will “most likely miss” the first Model 3 production deadline.  CNET reported that the deadline was originally set for July 1, 2017.

Despite being less complicated than the other Tesla models, Model S and Model X are highly dependent on third party suppliers who are in charge of making several parts of the car. Thus, manufacturing might be slowed down by circumstances beyond Tesla’s control.  As part of their contingency plan, the CEO also shared that they will be making some of the car parts in their Fremont factory, in case “suppliers disappoint.”

Meanwhile, Electrek previously teased that a source close to the Tesla design team had some exciting information about the Model 3.

“What I’m hearing internally is that CEO Elon Musk is intensely driving the engineering designers to deliver a design with a drag coefficient lower than .20 which would make it the lowest of any mass production car in the world and close to extreme vehicles like GM’s EV1 and Volkswagen’s XL1,” the source claimed.

“Achieving extremely low drag coefficients can often result in unconventional – at times unappealing – designs. But considering Musk’s penchant for aesthetics, it is unlikely Tesla will sacrifice visual appeal for better aerodynamic performance.”

The Tesla Model 3 is the car manufacturing giant’s first “affordable” vehicle even if it retails for $35,000 or AU$46,076 before tax incentives.