Hundreds of Australians made a beeline outside Tesla’s Sydney and Melbourne stores to become the chosen few to make an advance booking for the still unseen Model 3 of car maker Tesla.

According to reports, crowds have been waiting since 8 am and are surging to make a token payment of $1500 for reserving the mystery car in advance. There were also reports that some people have been queuing for two days, despite the fact that the car will not be delivered until early 2018.

There is a very high curiosity about the new model’s looks and the experience it could deliver to the user. Of course, they are also interested in the costs. The right-hand-drive version of the car would take more time to come, according to the manufacturer.

Tesla has said it will accord priority to existing customers in receiving the first order bookings.

Overnight leaks have given a remote idea of the car’s specs. They include a 480km driving range and a 0-100km/h speed in less than 4 seconds. in Australia, Tesla is reportedly pricing the new car at less than $60,000.

According to a report in Business Insider, those in the queue are the familiar demographic group often thronging for the release of new gadgets. They are in the age group of the mid-20s to middle age.

It also said Tesla staff is encouraging the enthusiasts by offering them muffins and cookies.  It added that such frenzy is usually seen only at an Apple launch.

A report in The Verge spoke of CEO Elon Musk’s mystique, and charm behind the consumers’ frenzy. High expectations are riding on the greatness of the Model S.  Beyond the hype, the affordability factor is also making a pull. It seems, for the first time, many will be able to afford a Tesla.