An Australian counterterrorism expert has warned that the nation might face an inevitable terror attack from which even the government won’t be able to protect its citizens.

The military strategist, David Kilcullen, also added that Australians who think that the security agencies were capable enough to protect them from the attack were living in dreamland. The military expert indicated the chances of a terror attack in Australia during the latest episode of the ABC’s Q&A. “It is inevitable that we are going to see some kind of terrorist attack here in Australia,” Kilcullen said.

“The question is: how bad will it be, how will we respond, how will we focus on consequence management and on recovery from that kind of attack? I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but I think we have to be realistic that if you think the Government can protect you from any kind of terrorist attack, you are living in dreamland. Just like these things happen in other countries, they will inevitably happen in Australia also.”

Gold Coast Bulletin reported that the above statement came from the military official following a question from the audience member where the person asked whether Australia’s approach to deal with the IS group was too “cautious” in terms of infringement of human rights as well as offending the nation’s Muslim population. To this, Kilcullen also added that the nation and its forces must be careful enough in addressing the issues properly.

“It’s worth remembering that the people we are dealing with, ISIS’ specialisation is provoking sectarian conflict and getting different groups of people fighting each other so they can exploit that,” the military expert added. “So while we do want to take a hard hand towards terrorism, it’s really important to ensure we are not accidentally generating the kinds of dynamics that give rise to that sectarian conflict at the same time. It is a balance.”

The federal minister assisting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Michael Keenan, on the other hand, said that the present manner in which Australia is handling the issues is adequate, seeing the recent attacks. “There’s been three terror attacks in Australia, two on our police, one here in Sydney in Martin Place, but our agencies have stopped a further six,” he said as quoted by 9News.