To understand the kind of terrorism Australia intends to counter, it may be critical to understand that relation between radicalism and mental disorder.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has apparently got a connection between the two. The Federal Government may like to consult the mental health files of terror suspects. The move comes as one of Australia’s top anti-terror advisers has reportedly called for an investigation into the suspects’ criminal records and mental well-being in the past.

Australia has apparently learned a lesson from recent “lone-wolf” attacks around the world. While Turnbull respects people’s right to privacy, he believes there should be a balance for so in accordance with national security.

According to him, accessing mental health files will be a “huge step” in the process to counter the kind of terrorism Australia has seen in the recent past. He admits mental health itself is a huge challenge, even if terrorism is not involved.

Turnbull indicated that the people of Australia may not be entitled to protect their privacy in the process. However, they should understand it is for the sake of Australia’s protection, the prime minister says.

“It is critical too that people feel and know that when they go to Headspace, for example, they do so confidentially,” The ABC quotes the Australian PM as saying.

“That is why it has to be approached carefully, but my most important obligation, my most important responsibility as the Prime Minister of Australia, is to keep the people of Australia safe.”

The move may indicate a direct connection between radicalism and mental health. The Australian government is not the first one to suspect a connection between the two.

There is a theory about the relation between extremism and mental illness. According to a study by the US Justice Department, lone-wolf attacks may be initiated by people who suffer from mental illness. The reason behind such attacks may have a strong personal reason.

Most countries are fighting a battle against the terrorism Australia plans to counter. If Australia finds a solution to prevent radicalization, it will be a major step in the battle against terrorism worldwide.