The media and telecommunication giant, Telstra Corporation Limited, has unexpectedly withdrawn cowardly gay marriage support. It has blamed the Catholic Church for weakened LGBT stand.

The unexpected U-turn came after the company seemed to be suppressed allegedly under  the pressure of the Catholic Church. The group turns back to the first stand saying that it will resume its support for same-sex marriage and would rather face the hot debate, instead of backing from it.

‘By renewing our active position, we acknowledge that we are at equal risk of inflaming a new debate but it is the right thing to do,’ Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said in a report by Daily Mail.

“Telstra supports diversity and inclusion. We have long advocated and often pioneered the fostering of a more supportive, diverse workplace in this country.

“It also remains very important that we continue to recognise and respect the right of the individual to hold their own view on this issue,” the statement said.

Last week, Telstra’s stance for not changing its position on marriage equality due to the pressure by the church, made many of its customers to “discontinue their agreements with the company”.  The decision was to safeguard the deal with the church for providing services to Catholic schools.

“@Telstra_news @Telstra its great you are doing that. Although I already ended my contract. But I’m still pleased you changed your minds.” tweeted Ozpook, one of the customers.

In 2015, Telstra was one of the major companies which came out in support of Australian Marriage Equality’s campaign for same-sex marriage. Around 400 companies backed the campaign which has now risen up to 870.

“It is pleasing to know that Telstra recognises the right of all individuals to hold their own view on the issue of same-sex marriage,” said a spokeswoman for the Catholic archdiocese of Sydney in a report by The Guardian.

“The original question was whether it is fair and reasonable for a company to support a particular view on behalf of all their stakeholders,” she said.