Australia’s top mobile service provider Telstra has confirmed yet another outage in its national mobile network and said it is investigating the cause. According to a spokesman, customers are experiencing problems across Australia with Victoria and Tasmania being the hardest hit.

“We are experiencing intermittent voice call failures and connection delays on our fixed and mobile networks – predominantly in Victoria and Tasmania, but impacting other states sporadically,” he said. Many customers reported that they are unable to make phone calls, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Many angry customers described it as an outrage with hashtag #TelstraOutage creating sharp responses in the social media.

This is the fourth mobile outage that has hit the Telstra networks in less than two months. The recurring outage has sullied the image of the company which is known for its best networks and premium pricing.

In the February outage, customers were not able to access both the phone and data networks for several hours. Telstra then blamed it on human error.

Just last week on March 17, it suffered another national outage that hit 8 million customers. On Thursday, Chief executive Andrew Penn apologized for the breakdown and promised free data on April 3 to compensate for the lapse in their services.

Customers had been blaming the telecom player for poor internet speeds, broken landlines and inability to browse websites when the outage hit them. A spokesman of Telstra told News Corp that Thursday’s outage was caused by a routing issue between Telstra and Amazon Web Services.

The latest outage has irate customers reacting sharply about the “patchy services” by the telecom company. #TelstraOutage is trending on Twitter.

With 16.9 million mobile customers, Telstra is considered far ahead of its rivals Optus (9.37 million) and Vodafone Hutchison (5.44 million) in terms of reach. This makes any outage causing an out-sized effect.

‘This #TelstraOutage thing is beyond the joke. Fix your network or charge reasonable prices. Premium is not justified anymore,’ reports Sky News  quoting a customer.