Last week it was reported that Telco’s mobile and broadband network system had a meltdown and now another outage is reported. Telstra customers took to social media to voice their anger.

Telco’s mobile and broadband networks have services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. All the regions are reported to have affected.

As per reports, Telstra was assessing the outage on Sunday while some customers are still affected by an NBN outage from last week.

“Some mobile customers may have experienced a brief interruption to their data services this morning,” said a spokesman for Telstra.

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“The issue affected customers in NSW mainly, as well as some other states. The issue was caused by faulty hardware which has been isolated. All services have been restored,” he added.

Some customers are still tweeting and emailing about the outage directly on Sunday afternoon. Some were even linked to Telstra’s Gateway modem.

“Telstra tried to do a firmware upgrade on their Gateway modems, and it didn’t go to plan to result in a constant loop of resetting,” a reader from Busselton in Western Australia said to Fairfax Media (via The Sydney Morning Herald)  on Sunday.

In recent months, Telstra is facing network issues across its mobile and broadband networks. Few days earlier chief executive Andy Penn committed to improving customer services and the Sunday’s incident has just made it worse.

Monitoring website named reports that complaints peaked at 10am on Sunday morning

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Apart from customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth who reported the problem on Facebook and Twitter. Other users from regional areas like Hervey Bay in southern Queensland, Castlemaine in regional Victoria as well as areas outside of Darwin have voiced the outage.

The company says that it is trying to improve its network and plans to spend $25 million for upgrading the tools used to monitoring its network. This move was made following the spate of outages. Along with it, another $25 million will be invested in recovery time of the network.