Australia’s largest telecommunications and internet provider, Telstra, is reported to dismiss more than 400 workers across the country.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Telstra has informed Fairfax Media that the company would let go of 273 full time workers and 276 agency staff working at call centers in Australia.

Telstra spokesman Michael Zappone told ABC News that jobs at centers in Hobart, Launceston, Perth, Ballarat and Townsville will be affected by the lay off. According to Zappone, Townsville would get the hardest impact as 178 contractors are about to lose their jobs. More than 100 jobs will be cut off in Perth with 80 employees and 25 contractors to be let go.

Guy Champion, Telstra Area General Manager, said that the decision is highly difficult but they promised to continue to give their best service.

He said, “We remain committed to the City of Perth and to the state of Western Australia. Our teams in Perth would continue to perform a wide variety of work, including customer service, network design and deployment and field services.”

“Our focus is on working with our people to help them understand the proposed changes and what it would mean for [employees], and what their options are should we proceed,” Champion added.

Despite the lay off, the Telstra spokesman said that they would be creating 138 new roles and 11 roles will be transferred from Ballarat to Melbourne. The plan would therefore result to a net loss of 135 jobs, as mentioned on The Sydney Morning Herald News.

The site mentioned that Telstra has been in a “series of major job cuts.” The company relied on outsourcing and has opened centers based in the Philippines and India. Two years ago, 1100 Telstra staff lost their jobs while 600 jobs were sent to India last year.

Telstra is reported to be currently working on a new joint venture with local beer and food company San Miguel to become the Philippines’ third mobile network.