Donald Trump does not lie. He is straight. He tells it straight. He tells it like it is. That’s how the US Republican presidential candidate describes himself.

He was talking to CBS News’ chief White House correspondent Major Garrett, who asked him if he subscribed to former US President Jimmy Carter’s “truth-telling” standards. Trump claimed he was not a liar.

Trump earlier called Texas Senator Ted Cruz as someone “who lies more than any other human being” he had ever seen. According to him, Cruz is “all taken care of by every industry.”

It was a day after Pope Francis said the Republican was “not a Christian.” Francis’ comment came in reference to the Republican candidate’s claim to build a wall across the Mexican border with the United States. He, however, believes the pope’s comment was not “as severe as the media let it be known.”

The GOP candidate seemed humbled by the kind of support he got from the people of his country. According to a CNN poll, he is far ahead of his closest rival, Cruz. Trump, aware of a landmark which may be waiting for him in South Carolina, had a different vision of how his electoral campaign would be.

“I thought it was going to be like a horse race,” he said. “I’d be in the middle of the pack and, at the very end, I’d inch it out.”

The real estate tycoon, on the other hand, asked his supporters not to take poll results for granted. “Who knows what the numbers are. We can’t take a chance,” he said.

Trump was all set to be a winner in Iowa caucuses, according to polls. However, when the results came in, he almost ended up in the third spot.

Trump told his supporters to get out and vote on the Election Day. “We’re going to make America great again,” he declared.