Tegan & Sara recently released another breakthrough “Love You to Death” album, already available in iTunes.

The Canadian indie pop duo launched their eighth album on June 3, Friday.

The album itself considered a reunion for the 35-year-old identical twins with Gred Kurstin, producer for Adele, P!nk and Beck’s albums, Entertainment Weekly reported.

According to the report, the twins felt so liberated with “Love You to Death” after their successful “Heartthrob” album released earlier this year.

The track packed with flashy synth-pop record plus sky-high choruses inspired several artists like Taylor Swift for her “1989” album, Kylie Minogue and Carly Rae Jepsen for their song inspirations.

Katy Perry also took Tegan & Sara in her tour as well. “It really encouraged us,” Sara Quin said.

The two have the same goal in mind with their new album “Love You To Death,” with their songs encouraging much liberation from the singers.

Tegan & Sara expressed how this new album created a big impact, especially to their band and sibling relationship.

They also felt and enjoyed a high-level sense of liberation while creating the tracks.

Sara Quin said, “There was still a bit of, ‘Maybe we should keep the guitars because that’ll be familiar. I just don’t feel those hesitations or obligations.”

Greg Kurstin added, “This time we felt liberated to go wherever we wanted to go.”

Tegan Quin, on the other hand, kept her inspiration from her songs “U-Turn” taken from her heartbreak tales and unrequited love.

She used these stories to reevaluate her roles in her relationships through her songs.

“I didn’t write about ‘woe to me,’ I wrote about how I’m empowered – I’m the one that leaves relationships, I’ve never really been broken up with. I’m not a victim. I’m often times the bad guy,” Tegan mentioned.

Sara shared how this album helped her and her twin sister deal with their almost-broken band. She stated how both of them wanted to abandon each other before this project.

Yet because of “Love You to Death” album, they were encouraged to stay and deepen their relationship as siblings through the songs they produce.

Tegan & Sara explained that “Love You to Death” is a nod to matrimony. They said, “We own a business together, we own property together, our songs are like kids.”

“It’s this crazy cyclical relationship where we’re trapped in ‘We love it, we hate it, we have no other option,” they continued.

Tegan & Sara fans can finally download their latest album “Love You to Death” in iTunes with 10 tracks, “That Girl,” “Faint of Heart,” “Boyfriend,” “Dying to Know,” “Stop Desire,” “White Knuckles,” “100x,” “BWU,” “U-Turn” and “Hang on to the Night.” Plus, the album contains a digital booklet as well.

“Love You to Death” costs around A$ 13.80. The album was released under Warner Bros. Records Inc.