In the recently released trailer made especially for the Super Bowl 50, we get a lesson first hand from the turtles on how to be a ninja.

The trailer for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow” just revealed the secrets on how to become a shadow warrior.

Raphael and Leonardo spilled the beans by asking: “What are the important traits of a ninja? Speed, Stealth and Precision.”

As shown in the trailer, each strict code of discipline must be intricately performed in a fun-loving manner.

This lesson is most insightful for those who aspire to be stylised yet unlikely assassins — be it if you are human or mutant and grown-up or teenager.

Aside from the post from CinemaBlend, where it is revealed that Brian Tee will reprise his role as the first film’s main villain Shredder, it appears he will be joined in by his dimensional alien boss Kraang. This certainly takes those who watched the cartoon series way back 1987 to memory lane.

Joining the side against the Turtles are Rocksteady and Bebop, hulking mutant villains straight from the animated series as well, which are to be played by Stephen Farrelly and Gary Anthony Williams respectively.

The Turtles also employ a potential ally as joining in on the fun is vigilante Casey Jones portrayed by Stephen Amell, widely known as Oliver Queen from the superhero TV series “Arrow.”

According to Deadline, many will reprise their role for the second installment to the ninja turtles film. Megan Fox will return as April O’Niel, Alan Ritchson as rebellious Raphael, Noel Fisher as party animal Michael Angelo, and Jeremy Howard as genius inventor Donatello. Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shalhoub will lend their voice as noble leader Leonardo and charismatic master Splinter respectively.

The new trailer of the anthropomorphic turtle movie was uploaded in Youtube last February 7 and the sequel is set to be released this June.