It appears that Megan Fox may replace Zoey Deschanel for “New Girl.”

Jake Johnson, portraying New Girl’s Nick Miller, was worried when he knew that they will shoot episodes regardless of the fact that Deschanel is on leave due to pregnancy.

“I thought it was really weird,” Johnson told GulfNews. “At first, I thought it was really jarring that Zooey wasn’t going to be in some episodes. I wasn’t sure if the show worked without her and I was pleasantly surprised that the New Girl voice and tone is more about the writing and the ensemble more than any one person.”

To solve this predicament, the production added a new character known as Reagan who will be portrayed by Fox.

After all, the idea of the sitcom is having a girl surrounded by single men and that certain female need not refer to Deschanel’s character Jessica “Jess” Day. This makes adding the new character portrayed by the “Transformers” actress sensible.

In the TV comedy series, Jess is away due to jury duty and her roommates temporarily rented to Raegan for the time being.

Writer and producer Liz Meriwether shares to Vulture how adding Reagan in and at the same time pulling Jess out momentarily has brought excitement to the show.

“To bring in somebody new who didn’t know all of the back stories and didn’t know everything about the show, those characters were forced to defend themselves in new ways; to sort of bring somebody else up to speed to their own weirdness was really fun,”

As for Jess’ fans, they need not worry though for the “500 Days of Summer” star is expected to be back on the 100th episode. Johnson also reassured that no one is being replaced, only added.

“I don’t view it as Megan replacing Zooey, it’s just adding Megan,” he believes. “So when Zooey came back it was great because [the characters] Jess and Reagan are really funny next to each other.”