Police are looking for a unidentified woman in Sydney, who tried to snatch a baby from a pram that was pushed by her mother in Sydney’s West.

The mother was able to save her child from the unknown woman, who tried to abduct the baby in Sydney’s west.

According to police,  the 19-year-old mother was pushing her eight-month-old daughter in her pram near the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre on Friday. It was during that time when the mother and her child were approached by the unknown woman.

While making a statement, police said that the young mother of the baby paused to find a bottle from a bag. It was at that point when the alleged woman removed the harness of the pram and picked up the baby.

Police said that the woman they are looking for is in her 30s. The mother was quick enough to get hold of the child back, police says, according to the reports in the Sky News.

Sydney Police has launched  an investigation into the matter. Police is also requesting the witnesses to come forward and report about the incident.

The woman who tried to snatch the baby girl is described as “Caucasian appearance, about 30 years old, 185cm tall, with dark brown hair, and at the time she was wearing black pants”.

It was also reported that neither the mother nor the baby were injured in the incident.

A similar incident was also reported last month when a mother named Sofia Nikat reported that an unidentified black man snatched her 14-month-old baby girl. However, police later found out that it was Nikat who allegedly killed her own baby.