Will season 6 of “Teen Wolf” really be about ghosts?

In an interview with Seattle Pi, “Teen Wolf” creator Jeff Davis confirmed that the upcoming season will be a ghost story. “We’re big fans of genre in the writer’s room,” Davis told Seattle Pi. “With Season 5b we said, ‘This is going to be a monster movie.’ With Season 6 we have a very clear idea that it’s going to be a ghost story.”

“There will be another threat that is worrisome,” the show creator added. “That has [something] to do with the different mythology that we’re exploring…which is a pretty big one for us and technically very difficult for us.” Does this mean Beacon Hills will be overrun by ghosts come season 6? What’s clear right now, according to Davis, is that memory will play a “big part” in the next season.

According to IBTimes, season 5 ended with a Nazi werewolf crawling out of the Dread Doctor’s green chamber. The news site suggests this werewolf could just be the main villain next season. Davis previously did say this werewolf “will be lurking about [in] Season 6 and causing a lot of trouble…[and] it may actually allow us to explore another episode in WWII.”

Davis also confirmed that the next season will begin “three months” after the events of season 5. But ghosts and Nazi werewolves aside, Davis told Seattle Pi, Scott and Stiles’s friendship will still be central to the hit show. “One of the things that we’re really trying to do with Season 6 is show the strength of friendships and test that again. We’re taking it back to the story of Scott and Stiles’ friendship and how meaningful that [is].”

A premiere date has yet to be announced for the next season of “Teen Wolf.”  But season 6 will likely kick off in June.