“Teen Wolf” star, Theo Raeken has been teased to make a comeback on the show’s Season 6.  It was also speculated that there will be deadlier villain coming in the series.

Movie Pilot cited a site named Palameros who reported that Cody Christian, who played Theo will return in episode 3 of Season 6. The site claimed that Theo will come back from hell and save Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) from The Nazi Werewolf. Stiles will be surprised to see Theo and will even be more surprised that Theo saved his life.

Movie Pilot shared the synopsis of “Teen Wolf” Season 6, Episode 1 which reads:

“The Nazi Werewolf is running around Beacon Hills, healing and getting stronger and stronger. The second trimester is about to start with a full moon. The Nazi Werewolf kills someone and Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) sees the exact same dead as with The Beast of Gevaudan. Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and Stiles will look at some stuff in the Dread Doctors lair. They find out that The Beast of Gevaudan wasn’t the first Beast Werewolf and that one of the dread doctors was actually German and wanted to bring back the original Beast. A soldier from WW2 was the first Beast. The Beast of Gevaudan actually drunk out of his werewolf footprints. The Nazi Werewolf killed over 2000 people back in WW2 …”

In his appearance at Oz Comic Con in Perth, Australia, the actor was asked if his character was really dead.  According to Vine Report, Christian was quoted saying: “I’m not dead, no. Keep watching.”

However, Christian immediately took to Twitter to explain his statements. The actor wrote: “All I’ve said is that Theo isn’t dead. Just been dragged to hell. I can’t confirm if he’s coming back because I honestly don’t know yet!”

“Wanted to clarify because I’ve seen a lot of tweets surfacing about the subject. If and when I know, I’ll be sure to share,” he added.

It can be recalled that in the finale of Season five, Theo was seen being pulled into the pit by his late sister.