Tyler Posey’s character Scott McCall and the rest of the Beacon Hills gang are graduating from high school in Teen Wolf Season 6. This means they will all be leaving for college, opening the possibility of having new blood take over McCall’s position as the alpha.

Over the last few episodes, Teen Wolf has introduced several underclassmen that might take center stage once Scott, Stiles, and Lydia head off to college. However, Posey clarified that Scott will still play an important role in Teen Wolf Season 6.

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The million dollar question was straightened out by Tyler Posey himself when a fan asked if he’s no longer going to be part of the MTV series.

“I’m putting an end to that rumour right now!” Posey tweeted. “As long as there is a teen wolf I’ll be on it.”

Bigger things await Posey in Teen Wolf Season 6. Aside from taking on his duties as the alpha wolf, he will be directing an episode for the series.

“I have a lot of knowledge of what would be good from a directing standpoint. I just have this innate vision,” Posey told The Wrap about his directorial gig. “I love acting, but I love a lot of things. I want to put my hand in every little thing that I can. And directing is just one of those things.”

Moreover, Posey revealed that Teen Wolf Season 6 will take a completely different turn from how the previous season started. The show will bring back the “lighter tone” of Season 1.

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In Season 6, McCall and his pact will face a new enemy named The Beast. Past characters will also return including Deucalion (Gideon Emery), Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) and Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan).

In the meantime, Posey is also busy in the studio recording an album with his band Five North. According to Capital FM, the 24-year-old star posted a photo of him on Instagram, showing that he’s been working on a song for their album.

Five North. Gonna start recording an album or EP soon. This is a peek at one of my songs. I love pop punk

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Little do you know, I'm in my underwear. I need a drummer. The swellers – best I ever had cover

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Teen Wolf Season 6 will premiere in June on MTV.