The newest development in MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 6 is the return of Theo Raeken. Yes, you read it right. The spoilers for the teen supernatural series reveal that Cody Christian is reprising his role in the upcoming season. Why is Theo coming back? We tried to figure it out below.

We first saw Theo Raeken in Teen Wolf Season 5. He belongs to a werewolf/coyote hybrid known as a Chimera.  Theo is a former fourth-grade classmate of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski who returned to Beacon Hills for his senior year. He is the first successful creation of the season’s malevolence Dread Doctors. They created this ruthless antagonist to replace Scott.

Theo Raeken claimed he returned to Beacon Hills with his parents specifically to join Scott’s pack, but in reality, his intentions are purely evil. He planned to take away Scott’s pack and his Alpha status. In many ways, he succeeded. However, in the second half of Season 5, his plan boomeranged. Scott’s pack joined up to defeat the Dread Doctors and Theo ended the year by being pulled underground by his dead sister. Theo’s motto of stealing the Beast’s power and gaining ultimate power failed miserably.

Theo Ranken is played by American actor Cody Christian, who we also know as Mike Montgomery in the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars.

However, Theo Raeken’s end in Season 5 did not show him dying.  Thus, many fans would have speculated his return in Teen Wolf Season 6.  Relevant sources like EW have confirmed the news.  Now the question remains on what he is up to.  Theo’s return cannot be a pleasant one in the upcoming season.  It is a clear indication of the approaching storm in Bacon Hill.  Are Scott and his ally ready for another clash?

On the contrary, we can assume that Theo Raeken has learned his lesson and his return will benefit  Scot’s pack.  Well, the chances are dim for such behavioral change because we have already seen the cruel and cunning side of Theo last time.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 returns this fall to MTV.