For the fans who have been waiting for Teen Wolf season 6 with bated breath, here is an update. The spoilers for the upcoming season will feature a Nazi Werewolf as the main baddie. Let’s find out more here.

Teen Wolf season 5 introduced a new ferocious Nazi Werewolf who was there to put every innocent life at danger. Needless to say, the ruthless baddie managed to smuggle quite a few eyeballs.  The Nazi werewolf has created sufficient interest among the fans who are eagerly waiting to see more of him in Teen Wolf season 6.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly series’ lead actor, Tyler Posey dropped hints on what the fans can expect to see in season 6 including Nazi Werewolf.

The 24-year-old communicated:

“We have a Nazi werewolf, which might be the most interesting villain we’ve ever had on the show. I think this might be the oldest werewolf that we’ve ever [had], and of course, he’s not a normal werewolf. That would just be too easy for the Teen Wolf world.”

Having the Nazi werewolf as one of  the main antagonists might also mean that Teen Wolf will go back to the past in the next season. Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis also spilled some beans that the addition of the Nazi werewolf means we’re once again heading back in time.

He said:

“We do have a couple flashback scenes to Nazi Germany.”


According to Davis, apart from Nazi Werewolf and the recurring stars, the series will also introduce some new characters in season 6. The details of those characters are yet to be known. Earlier Davis mentioned that the MTV show will be shedding light on the struggles of Liam, Mason, Hayden, and Corey.

So fans, expect the unexpected for the series. Teen Wolf season 6 is coming to the MTV this fall. However, there is no word so far on the official dates of season 6 premiere date.  However,

Stay tuned for  latest updates about Teen Wolf Season 6.