The premiere of the sixth season of “Teen Wolf” is still unknown to date. After reports on Dylan O’Brien’s accident at the “Maze Runner 3” set, speculations and rumors surfaced. Either the show will be delayed or cancelled. But with new official teasers given by cast and crew, its looming cancellation is now off the charts.

There are three big things surrounding the show nowadays – Scott, Styles-Lydia romance and Beacon Hills’ newest villain. Is there really a new pack with a new leader? Will Styles and Lydia finally hook-up? And lastly, what could be creepier than the Beast of Gévaudan?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tyler Posey teased that fans can expect a “different” Scott this season. Moreover, he mentioned that fans will see the best Scott ever. Anyone excited?

“He’s rebuilt. Everything that happened in season 5 made him stronger so when season 6 comes up, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, nothing bad has happened in Beacon Hills lately, so he’s feeling confident about that. He’s in a pretty good place,” Posey revealed.

He also mentioned that Scott is definitely happy this season. So, could another girl be the reason behind his unusual happiness? Well, earlier reports revealed that Scott will stay single this season. And according to Posey, both he and his character need to go through such phase.

Fans of Styles and Lydia will likely get their wish come true this season, too. Executive Producer Jeff Davis earlier suggested that Stiles and Lydia (Holland Roden) will finally hook up. Dylan O’Brien may still be on his way to full recovery but it seems we’ll see more of him soon.

Check out the “Teen Wolf” cast and crew below:

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Meanwhile, there’s something nastier than the Beast coming to Beacon Hills – the Nazi werewolf. Posey described it as the “most interesting villain we’ve ever had.” In addition, he teased that the Nazi werewolf is definitely extraordinary.

A new teaser of “Teen Wolf” Season 6 will likely be shown at the San Diego Comic Con 2016.