While the fans have been clamoring for more of MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf, there is a buzz that Teen Wolf season 6 release date has been unexpectedly pushed back. As per reports, the production work for the show has not yet started. However, the show-runners are hoping the Teen Wolf filming will set off in October 2016. Does that mean, Teen Wolf Season 6 release date might get pushed to 2017?

For quite some time, Teen Wolf Season 6 release date has constantly been delayed for some reason or another.  Earlier the channel announced a June release date but soon things fell out-of-place when Dylan O’Brien (Stiles from Teen Wolf) met with an accident while shooting a stunt sequence for his movie The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Sources revealed that his injuries were severe which postponed his projects including Teen Wolf. The franchises are allowing the actor to recover fully from the accident.  The production work for both the movie and television show has been put on hold.

Perviously it was rumored that the 25-year-old already had shot some scenes for Teen wolf season 6 prior to his accident. On the other hand, handful relevant sources conveyed that O’Brien still has to shoot the majority of his parts that he will go ahead with once he is back on the set. There are also reports revealing that Teen Wolf may resume its production in October 2016.

There is no denial that controversies have always been a major part of this MTV drama. The show had to overcome the threat of cancellation repeatedly throughout the last two seasons.  However, it has been renewed from season to season.  A few days back, MTV also broke the news that Teen Wolf season 6 is the last of the teen sensation series.

If things go as per plan, then the remaining shooting will take place in this October. In fact, the show will return on November 15.  Otherwise, we might have to wait for some more time if Teen Wolf season 6 release date is being pushed to 2017.