The sixth season of “Teen Wolf” is not set to premiere any time soon. The show has been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation for the past few months. One persistent rumor involves actor Dylan O’Brien, who recently met an accident on the set for another project. O’Brien, who play Stiles on the show, has yet to fully recover from his injuries. Will Stiles really die when the hit series returns later this year?

According to, an Instagram post of what looked like a clapperboard slate from the “Teen Wolf” set recently went viral. The board claims that production is underway for a scene involving “Stiles Death.” However, this was later shot down by writer Will Wallace. Taking to Twitter, he confirmed that the post is “fake.”

In an interview with Creative 132, the show’s executive producer Jeff Davis earlier assured fans that they can still expect Stiles to show up next season. “We are not replacing Stiles,” he said. “We hope to get him back on ‘Teen Wolf ‘to film, while being injured.” Davis even went so far as saying they are willing to postpone production for Season 6 if O’Brien needs more time. “We would delay production until he is fine to film again,” the producer said. “[But] Dylan O’Brien will be back to film soon… he just can’t do any stunts,” he added. He also said O’Brien himself wants to continue filming. “The thing is, he wants to film,” the showrunner said. “He’s in perfect condition, but he’s just not doing fine enough to do any stunts.”

O’Brien was earlier injured while performing a stunt for “Maze Runner: The Death Cure.” The movie’s release has already been postponed to give the actor enough time to recover. Meanwhile, MTV has yet to confirm the release date of “Teen Wolf” Season 6.