“Teen Wolf” Season 5 has just ended. But everyone is already looking forward and talking about Season 6. What can fans expect from the show’s next season?

Below, we round up 6 bits of info you need to know before Season 6 premieres. Word of caution: Most of these are mere rumours and fan speculations.

1. Season 6 will premiere in June.

Before tackling anything else, let’s discuss a possible premiere date for this hit show. According to Bustle, Season 6 will likely premiere on June 13. The news site said this is a “safe bet” because all past five seasons premiered in June. The 13th is also the “average of all the dates that the show has premiered in the past.”

2. New Villains?

Movie Pilot speculates that a new side villain will go after Stiles and Theo in Season 6A. The Ghost Riders and Deucalion might also be villains for the first half of Season 6. These are Movie Pilot’s guess for Season 6B villains: “The Yuxas and Naguals, Deucalion (With Peter, The Desert Wolf and Kate) and a new mythe.” As of writing, no villain has been confirmed yet for Season 6.

3. Senior Year But “More Mature”

The season will still be set in the main cast’s senior year. But it will deal with “more mature stuff,” Linden Ashby reportedly said.

4. No Redemption For Theo.

“I don’t think he will become one of the good guys, after all that he did,” Cody Christian was quoted as saying.

5. Malia is not dead.

According to Movie Pilot, Shelley Hennig has confirmed that her character, Malia, will return. “I’m not dead, at least I don’t think I am…I got a great script for the first episode,” Hennig said.

6. No Lydia Martin?

Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Dylan Sprayberry are confirmed to return. Holland Roden wasn’t confirmed, but she was reportedly seen on the set.