The buzz is getting louder that “Teen Wolf” Season 6 will premiere in June.

Movie Pilot noted that the sixth season of “Teen Wolf” has been rumoured to air on June 28, 2016, at 8 pm.

Fans are expecting that the questions hanging at the conclusion of the previous season will be answered when it debut in summer. Viewers were left wondering if Kira will return in season six and what will be Scott’s major battle. cited showrunner Jeff Davis’ interview with TV Guide wherein he said that Scott (Tyler Posey) and some of his pals will be busy as the second semester of the school year approaches. Davis revealed that Scott might experience anxiety since graduation is fast approaching.

Davis further teased that Scott’s battle will be challenging for the show’s main stars. “There will be another threat that is worrisome. That has to do with the different mythology that we’re exploring for Season 6, which is a pretty big one for us and technically very difficult for us,” Davis said.

The EP meanwhile revealed on TV Line that Tyler’s girlfriend, Kira, might not return for the next season. “It’s about where the show and the characters are all headed as we start to hand things off to our 2.0 characters,” he said.

Davis has recently announced that he is stepping down as “Teen Wolf” showrunner.

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot compiled a list of rumours circulating around “Teen Wolf” Season 6. They got some of their past Movie Pilot articles, along with “Ryan’s Blog, Christian Posts, German Teen Wolf wikea, Viperly and maybe more” citations.

Speculations indicated that there will be something about “The Nazi Werewolf”, “The Wild Hunt” and a serial killer. According to Movie Pilot, “The Nazi Werewolf” is a big werewolf that will cause a lot of trouble in Beacon Hills while “The Wild Hunt” might be a big story to Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden.)