People have come and go in MTV’s hit supernatural series Teen Wolf. It was announced that Arden Cho, who played Kira, will no longer be part of Teen Wolf Season 6.

However, Cho’s confirmed exit is also coupled with reports of new characters that might include one for Harry Styles.

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Dylan O’Brien’s fate in the show. For one, the actor is on hiatus due to serious injuries he obtained while filming The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, O’Brien suffered a concussion, facial fracture and lacerations.

The actor’s publicist reveals that “his injuries are very serious” and would need “more time to recover.” The production for the third instalment in The Maze Runner trilogy is currently on hold.

Other than his recent injury, O’Brien is reportedly in talks to take the lead role in “American Assassin,” the movie adaptation of Vince Flynn’s bestselling novel. He is in negotiations to play Mitch Rapp, a counter-terrorism operative working for the CIA.

The movie will also star Michael Keaton as Stan Hurley.

This is where Harry Styles steps into the picture for Teen Wolf Season 6 . With O’Brien possibly having lesser appearances in the show’s sixth outing, the Teen Wolf series would need a fresh character that would add more star power. Reports suggest that Styles is a top candidate for a role and is likely to join the Teen Wolf cast this season.

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Speaking to Creative 132, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis teases that they want to have the One Direction member on the show.

“We do want Harry Styles in our show. Like a new British boy. But we’re still in talks with people, directors, agents. So we can’t confirm anything yet,” Davis said.

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Although this information is not yet confirmed at this point, Styles seems to be pursuing acting very seriously.

He is currently buffing up his acting resume, having scored a role in the Christopher Nolan film titled Dunkirk. The Daily Mail reports that his role in the film is the main reason for the Harry Styles short hair cut. He is reportedly in France filming the upcoming movie.

That said, it appears that Styles is focused on trying his hand at acting, making his rumored appearance in Teen Wolf Season 6 all the more possible.

Teen Wolf Season 6 will return to MTV later this year.