There is a new character coming to Beacon Hills for the sixth season of “Teen Wolf.” Actor Ross Butler has just been tapped to join the hit show’s cast. Will his character be a friend? Or will he be a foe? More importantly, whose pack will he end up joining?

According to MTV, Butler will be joining Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Liam Dunbar on the lacrosse playing field next season. The “Riverdale” actor would play Nathan. Little is known about his character at the moment but MTV described him as a “sexy new member of the athletic team who doesn’t believe in the supernatural.” His refusal to believe will probably not last long, though. He did move to Beacon Hills, after all.

What would Nathan’s role be in the overall “Teen Wolf” story? Reports earlier suggest that Liam will get a pack of his own. Would Nathan join this pack? This remains to be seen. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, Butler, who played Reggie in the Archie Comics-inspired show “Riverdale,” took to Twitter to share his excitement about his newest role.

According to The Wrap, Butler has already appeared in several TV shows before being tapped to join the hit MTV series. His TV credits include roles on Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover” and Freeform’s “Chasing Life.”

Meanwhile, not much information has been leaked about the upcoming season of “Teen Wolf.” A premiere date for season 6 has not even been set yet. Executive producer Jeff Davis, however, did tell Hollywood Life that “something big” is about to happen. “I’ll say something very big happens between Stiles and Lydia…viewers will have to tune in to find out whether it’s good or bad or both,” he said.