Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere date is still unknown yet spoilers and speculations continue to pour in. News on Dylan O’Brien’s most recent photo definitely made fans happy. So far, fans know that he’ll play an important role this season. However, what about his love life? Will his character finally hook up with Lydia?

Fans hoped that the Stiles-Lydia hookup will happen in Season 5. Yet, it seems Executive Producer Jeff Davis has a different idea in mind. The build-up on the two characters’ budding romance remains intense in the past seasons. Yet, why are still not hooking up, right?

Previous reports mentioned that Lydia (Holland Roden) feels “conflicted” on ending up with Stiles. But come Season 6, will her heart and mind finally make a decision?

According to Fashion & Style, the upcoming season will focus on the characters’ relationships. The site noted that former relationships will either have closure or be rekindled. Fans are hoping for a better bond between O’Brien’s Stiles and Tyler Posey’s Scott.

Likewise, fans are expecting the Stydia hookup once more. Holland Roden teased the future of Stiles and Lydia. And, she did have some great news for Stydia fans!

“There’s more to come, but I think Stydia fans will be pleased,” the actress said.

But, what about Malia? Will Stiles, Lydia and Malia possibly form a love triangle? It doesn’t seem so. Roden mentioned that Lydia and Malia will have a better relationship this season.

“Malia’s physicality and how she perceives the world, plus Lydia’s lack of patience and her intelligence make them have this awkward banter, which is quite fun to do as an actor,” Roden told TV Equals. However, she did hint a possible expected reaction of Malia once Stiles and Lydia get in a romantic relationship.

Are you excited for Lydia and Stiles’ hookup? Or, would you want Stiles to get back with Malia? Sound off in the comments section below!

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