Will Liam replace Scott and be the next alpha in “Teen Wolf” season 6? Will the pack face the three worst villains yet in the upcoming season?

In a recent interview with MTV, the show’s executive producer Jeff Davis said Liam might just replace Scott as the leader of the pack. “Liam will be accelerating toward the idea of becoming an alpha and possibly becoming the leader of the pack when Scott leaves,” Davis told MTV. The former pack leader, Scott, is set to leave for college soon. Will Liam be a good replacement to the protector of Beacon Hills?

According to Design Trend, Davis always saw Liam as Scott’s eventual replacement. The producer did tell Hollywood Reporter earlier that he would like to see Liam “take over the role of the Teen Wolf.” Davis also said he would like Scott to “move into more of a Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) role.” If Liam does become Teen Wolf, who will he protect Beacon Hills against? Davis told MTV that there will be three new villains in season 6.

“We have a really cool new mythology,” the showrunner explained. “That new mythology involves three new characters, three new bad guys. I don’t want to say too much, but they look really cool. And they’re tall again. For some reason, we like really tall villains.” Who could these three new villains be?

“I can say that [these three cause] a lot of pain in Beacon Hills and that Sheriff Stilinski’s life will be thrown into turmoil,” Davis teased. According to Design Trend, one of the three villains has already been confirmed to be the Nazi werewolf. He reportedly made an appearance at the end of season 5.

A premiere date has yet to be announced for “Teen Wolf” season 6. But the show will likely come back in June.