If you are excited to learn what is in store in Teen Wolf Season 6, here is a little piece of information for you. As per sources, the upcoming season might have a cliffhanger finale episode. Sounds fishy, isn’t it? Is this indicative that the show will continue to answer the unsolved mysteries? Is Teen Wolf Season 7 already on the cards but this time with Netflix?

Well, the theory here can’t be overlooked considering it is not completely baseless. Why? Here is the reason.

Earlier, Netflix has streamed the supernatural teen drama despite Viacom removing all of their content from Netflix including Teen Wolf. Note that only some specific regions like Australia could watch Teen Wolf on Netflix. Since the show was already with the channel for quite some time, we can speculate that Teen Wolf Season 7 will return on Netflix.  MTV previously stated that Teen Wolf Season 6 is the last of the teen sensation series. Thus, once the contract of the show with the channel ends, it might shift to Netflix for a new season renewal.

A popular show getting renewed and moving to other networks is not a new thing in the television circuit.  To date, we have seen many examples of it. In 2016, the list includes shows like America’s Next Top Model that has been renewed and moved to VH-1 from CW. Likewise, American musical drama Nashville was picked up for renewal and shifted from ABC to CMT, Hulu. Even CBS Supergirl was moved to CW after renewal.  Going by the trend and considering the viewers’ demand chances are high for Teen Wolf, in the coming days, channels like Netflix might go ahead with Teen Wolf Season 7.

What could fans expect from Teen Wolf Season 6 finale?

Teen Wolf sSeason 6 has too much to handle when it comes to offering logical conclusions for the ongoing twists, for example, Scott McCall’s lost memory. Is he ever going to get it back? Who will end up with whom? If the showrunners manage to satisfy the fans with some convincing finale, then it will be a treat for them. If not, they will be left to ponder some cliffhanger moments. In fact, it will work as a major driving factor for the show to continue with the seventh season.

There is no denial that cancellation has always been an option for the past two seasons of Teen Wolf, reports Movie News Guide. However, it has been renewed from season to season. A cliffhanger finale can always inspire another season. Hence, Teen Wolf Season 7 is possible.

Thus far, these are just our speculations. Fans should take this news with a grain of salt and enjoy Teen Wolf Season 6, which is returning on Nov. 15 on MTV.