“Teen Wolf” Season 5 just wrapped up a few weeks ago. However, fans are already looking forward to details on the upcoming season. As Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) was reportedly injured, will that cause delay to the show’s production timeline?

Not to worry, fans! As reported on Hollywood Life, “Teen Wolf” is not filming any scenes at the moment. Hence, fans should not worry to miss out on Stiles nor expect that the show’s premiere would be delayed.

However, his injury has caused delay to the filming of “The Maze Runner: Death Cure.” After being hit by a car while shooting the scene, he was taken to a hospital in British Columbia for treatment. A spokesperson from Fox told Hollywood Reporter, “production on the film will be shut down while he recovers.”

Upon hearing the news, O’Brien’s pals from the hit MTV show are praying for his speedy recovery. Charlie Carver and Ian Bohen have expressed their thoughts and concern on social media.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is expected to return this Fall. Executive Producer Jeff Davis recently teased on MTV News that the upcoming season will explore more Stiles and Lydia scenes.

“[Season 6] has a great Lydia-Stiles story. I think that’ll make a lot of Stydia fans happy,” Davis told the site. Aside from the much-awaited Stydia scenes, the show’s Executive Producer also teased that there will be three new bad guys coming to Beacon Hills. Yikes!

Earlier this month, Davis said that he’ll be leaving the show soon. Although he confirmed that the show won’t get cancelled, he made it clear that he’ll likely break away from his duties.

“I have not actually been able to pull away as much as I’d like just yet. I’ve been splitting my time between writers’ room and post-production. Now that post [production] is almost done, I’ll be able to breathe a bit more,” Davis told teenwolfnews.com.

With Davis’ departure, will it be up to Tyler Posey to lead the show? Or, would Season 6 be the show’s last? Stay tuned for more updates.