Teen Wolf Season 6 fans are already gearing up for the last and final season of MTV’s hit supernatural show. Cody Christian’s character Theo is set to return to Beacon Hills. While most fans “love to hate” Theo, Christian teased that his character will show a different side upon his return.

Actor Tyler Posey promised fans the best season after news confirmed that Season 6 will be its last. Speaking at the Teen Choice Awards 2016, Posey asked fans to make the final season memorable. The show and its actors namely Shelley Hennig, Dylan O’Brien also won in the awards show. Although O’Brien didn’t show up then, the show had already confirmed his comeback.

But aside from the news on O’Brien’s return, fans are also skeptical about Cody Christian’s return. Of course, Theo’s characterization is quite hard to decipher during Season 5. Fans learned about his connection to the Dread Doctors and his threats to Scott and Stiles. Yet, he also tried to help out in getting Lydia out of the Eichen House. What is he really up to, right?

Now, Cody Christian revealed that fans and viewers will be able to see a different side of him. Whether its temporary or not, it sure is nice to see Theo show a level of humanity.

The actor told Zap2It, “It’s still going to be the guy that we love to hate, however, there’s going to be this level of humanity towards him.”

It seems his near-death experience changed him in a way.

Christian said, “When he makes his return into Season 6, I think he’s just grateful to be alive, or at least, that’s what I felt playing the character.” This is what the actor told TV Line, IB Times India quoted.

Teen Wolf Season 6 fans are also looking forward to Scott and Stiles’ deeper relationship. Likewise, Stydia fans are hoping that Lydia and Stiles will finally hookup this season. Well, that’s not a problem if the Ghost Riders will bring back Stiles’ memories.

Teen Wolf Season 6 fans should keep an eye out on more updates on the show. Premiere date is still unknown as of the moment.