Teen Wolf season 6 is approaching faster. A few days back we brought you the news that Cody Christian is reprising his role as Theo Raeken in the upcoming season. His ending in the previous season was not a very happy one. So can it be speculated that there would be a change of heart when Theo will be back in Beacon Hills?

A couple of weeks earlier even the actor himself claimed that fans won’t hate Theo anymore.  Christian also teased about a bigger story arc that will most probably connected to the overall story-line of the teen supernatural series. Will Teen Wolf season 6 be extended to feature Theo’s Good Guy Arc?

Teen Wolf season 5 showed Theo’s ending, though, it didn’t show him dying. A narrow escape from the clutches of death might have changed the bad in him. As per the claims, if Teen Wolf season 6  sheds light on a newly evolved part of Theo, then the fans can expect to see more of this Chimera guy.  May it’s the last of this MTV series but it has a lot stored for the viewers.

Talking about the upcoming Theo the good guy arch, the 21-year old star said:

“It’s still going to be Theo,” Christian told Zap2It. “It’s still going to be the guy that we love to hate, however, there’s going to be this level of humanity towards him […] There’s just a new side, this vulnerability that’s there, and it’s present. So, I’m very very excited to share that.”

His statement reveals the human side in Theo is just a part of him with animalistic tweaks. That begs a million dollar question, will he be really good? Or his vulnerability will head for another disaster. But we can expect his good guy arc would not be as much of a nuisance like he was earlier.

A source reveals that creator Jeff Davis is finishing the whole season by adding a few new scenes that have yet to be shot.  Does it have something to do with Theo’s good guy arc? Well, you never know. The show-runners might be planning to offer some extra dose of entertainment to the fans in Teen Wolf season 6 before wrapping it up.

In Davis’ word:

“Additional 6A work had to be pushed. We will start the first week of October but it could be pushed back to the second.”

It is not yet clear how the upcoming season of the show will tell the story of good Theo. So we have to wait for the show’s premiere episode to find it out.

Teen Wolf season 6 is returning on Nov. 15 on MTV.