“Teen Wolf” has been on air for five seasons now. A lot of couples have already come and gone on the show since it first premiered. One fan favorite couple in particular, Braeden and Derek. has parted ways two season ago. But will they find their way back to each other in the show’s next installment?

According to MNR Daily, the former couple’s reunion is plausible in Season 6. Actor Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek on the show, might just drop by Beacon Hills again after his prolonged absence. Will Derek really return next season to rekindle his romance with Braeden? This has yet to be confirmed.

Actress Meagan Tandy isn’t putting it past the show’s creator, Jeff Davis, to add a twist like this to her storyline next season, though. In an interview with Untitled TV, she revealed how Davis previously stepped in to make her character’s story arc longer than she had anticipated. “My role originally was ‘the girl.’ That was literally the name of the character, it was ‘the girl’… My only job at the time, literally, was to rescue Isaac. That was it, the girl is done, she dies at the end,” she recalled. “[But] Jeff Davis switched it, he changed it just in the blink of an eye and… and she just started popping up in different episodes and became Derek’s love interest, and so much just kind of came on a whim to be honest.”

The “Teen Wolf” star also reflected on why Derek was so perfect for her character. “I feel like she’s always about the job,” Tandy explained. “It was really only until she was with Derek that you saw a completely different side of her. Both Derek and Braeden, they’re very strong, individual, kind of loner characters. When they found each other they kind of just melted into each other and just showed something completely different.”